Thursday, 16 March 2017

Last day😢

Today we returned to Barcelona...As yesterday we packed our suitcases, today in the morning we took them and we went to school. The english teachers prepared us a tour around Oxted and we had to answer some questions about the village. We have learnt a lot of things of Oxted. When we finished the quiz we met our partners in the school. We talked with them about the best moments of the exchange and we said the last goodbye, we were really sad and some of us cried a lot... but don't worry in almost one month we're going to meet again!! Then we went to the canteen to have our lunch, we ate a delicous pizza and some chips. Later on, we caught our suitcases and we went to the mini buses of the school which drove us to Gatwick airport. We had a good flight and our parents were waiting for us at the airport, happy to see us after one week. And as all the good things have an end...  we have had a fantastic exchange, one week in the United Kingdom full of great moments and where we have met amazing people. We would repeat this travel again and again without any doubts. We can't wait to meet all the partners in one month, we hope they will enjoy the exchange as we have done.  Sandra Salvatella with the help of Raquel Gonzalez. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Day in Brighton

Day in Brighton
Today we have gone to Brighton. We have caught the train in Oxted to Brighton. Then we have walked to the clock and there we have had free time. We have gone shopping and later we have visited the city and we have seen the Royal Pavilion, that is a very nice palace! Then we have visited the beach and the pier and we have had almost three hours there to have lunch, see the attractions, the shops and more things. So we all have had a great day and we have seen a lot of things of Brighton, an amazing city!! And we have had a funny party at Julia's partner, Megan, house.

 Paula Balagué with the colaboration of: Sandra Salvatella, David Escorriola, Júlia Antich and Ayla Garcia

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

London by boat, Westminster & Buckingham

Today was a long day. First we went to the train station to get the train to London. When we arrived in London we went to see the Tower Bridge, we took some photos of it. Later we crossed it and we went to get the boat to see London from the Thames, It was very funny and interesting!
We went to Greenwich, there we had 30 minutes to go around the old boat called "Cutty Sark". When the time passed we returned to the boat to visit more things of London, we went to the Big Ben and the London eye. When we went down the boat we saw the Houses of Parliament and Westminister Abbey and then we visited Buckingham Palace. There, we saw outside some horses but we didn't know what was happening. We went to Victoria street and we had some free time. At 15:30 we got the train and we returned to Oxted.

Ayla García and Víctor Ibáñez.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Trip to London

Today it was fantastic day! In the  morning we went to the train station because we were waiting for the train that will bring us to the fantastic city of London. In the morning we visited Hamley's toy shop, it was really nice and funny. Then we went through a large street called Regent Street where  we bought emanems and clothes. We stopped and had some free time at Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square. We also visited the National Gallery, it was quite interesting, there were a lot of beautiful paintings in it. Then  we went to have the lunch at Covent Garden, an old market and today a very nice place with shops and restaurants. We could visit a little part of London in different groups. Finally we visited the British Museum,where there were a lot of old monuments and we could see some ancient Egiptian art and the mummies and that was quite good. We went to the train station walking around Oxford street.  Today it was a good day, and I personally had a really good time. Hugo Monasterio

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Today Megan, Paula B., Frankie and I went horse riding. First we brushed the horses and then we rode them. I rode a beautiful horse called holly. First me and Paula just walked on the horses and then we trotted them. We also trotted over some poles. Finally we did some exercises such as around the world. It was really funny and I enjoyed it a lot. After this we got off and watched Megan and Frankie ride. They are really good at riding! When the lesson was finished everyone got off and took the horses out to the field and gave them treats like carrots or apples. Then Megan's mum took us home and we ate tomato soup and bread for lunch while watching TV. For dinner we ate a tipical british
Júlia Latorre


Saturday, 11 March 2017

3rd day in Oxted (by Júlia Antich)

Today it has been a long and funny day full of laughs.I woke up at 7 o'clock and I had breakfast with my "family". (They are very nice and friendly). Then, at 8 o'clock we left home and we went to a Running Event. In that Running Event loads of children from 6 to 10 years were having a competition.  There were 6 races; Gracie (my partner) and I helped the children to finish their races. We just run next to them and said: "Come on! Keep running! You are doing it very well! You can do it!! ".  It was very funny and exciting because you could see how tired the children were... However they didn't give up!!  Then we had lunch at Gracie's nanny's house, we changed our clothes and we went to Bromley. Sandra and her partner were waiting for us there. We entered to loads of shops. The one I liked the most was TopShop.  When we were in Topshop Gracie and Sandra's partner told us if we wanted to play a game and we said yes! The game was about finding an outfit for another person. I searched an outfit for Sandra; Sandra searched one for her partner; Ami (Sandra's partner) searched one for Gracie, who searched one for me. It was really funny. We didn't like our outfits very much... But we had a big laugh! Then Gracie's mum picked us up. In the car we listened to Ed Sheeran's songs and sang to some of them. After that got home and had dinner. Her father, David, cooked a delicious food.  After that we had a shower and now we are going to watch a movie called Love Actually. I am having a great time here and I don't want this to end.

Júlia Antich

Friday, 10 March 2017

Second day in Oxted - First at school

Today we went to the school with our partners.  And it was so funny and we learnt lots. Laura had a maths exam and she found it easy.  We met each others partners. In the morning  we had a tour around oxted school. Julia, Laura and us went to Angharad's house. We jumped on the trampoline and then we got fish and chips ( very British) then we watch a film (Hotel Transylvania) and we taste the "salad" and sweet popcorn and the we realize that the popcorn are salty not salad (we get wrong and we laugh all the time😂) then we went to Morgans room (Morgan is the brother of Harad the partner of Maria Valls) and we just chill and laugh a lot, this was UNBELIEVABLE night.

Raquel and Maria

With the help of Laura, Júlia and Morgan